MX2 Trance Pendants

MX2 Trance Pendants


The MX2-Trance Pendant cylinders contain both a left and a right rotating spiral that are engraved in the cylinders, creating 2 powerful vortices in our energy field.
By wearing an MX2-Trance Pendant there are upward and downward rotations (vortexes) that flow through our body.
Due to the powerful MX2 energy and these upward and downward rotations in the cylinder shape, we create not only a slight trance awareness but also an activation (propulsion) of our kundalini process in which our kundalini energy can continue to flow safely (to take off).

Through these two vortexes there is also simultaneously a vertical flow from our heart, through which the male and female heart chakra flows further open.


By wearing the MX2-Trance Pendant we will undergo many changes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level through which we initiate a spiritual acceleration.

For more information (see explanation MX2 energy). MX2-Trance Pendant are worn on the chest or in the pocket. 

Choice of Mineral materials

MX2-Trance Pendants are available in 2 different sizes and 4 different minerals:

MX2-Quarz Crystal - MX2-Blue Goldstone - MX2-Red Goldstone - MX2-Labradorite -MX2-Rainbow clear Citrien ( April 2019 available ) MX2-Lapis Lazuli

All gemstones pendants from Circle of Rotations are energized in the special MX2 Heliotalic Light Generator causing these high energy infinite love continues to radiate in these products. Charging or cleaning is therefore not necessary.

MX2 Pendants can not be negatively influenced by their high resonance.


MX2 ​​Hangers radiate more than 4 meters wide and more than 6 meters high.

The Pendants are available in the following dimensions:

  • 1,5 cm by 6,5 cm long (medium);
  • 2 cm by 8 cm long (large).


Personal awareness raising and energetic light work. Extremely suitable for meditation.

MX2-Trance Pendants can be used by therapists or consumers without any special knowledge.

MX2-Trance Pendants can be worn for both children and pregnant women.

Tip: The MX2-Trance Pendant can be used during sleep under the pillow or along your bed, depending on how sensitive one is. Do not rinse the MX2-Trance Pendant under hot water (breakage or adhesive release!)

More info and/or order 

For a more detailed explanation of the MX2 energy we please go to this page.

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