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Circle of Rotations has been working for over 11 years now on energetic tools for healing and raising awareness inside and outside the Netherlands. Mike Pietersen, founder of Circle of Rotations has set up a large network of therapists in 2004 offering these products from Biogenesis, Meta-Isis and other products. As per 2012 a decision has been made to let go of the old and start a complete new path around awareness and healing. For more than 25 years I have been aware and conscious of being helped and guided by intelligent beings beyond this reality we call Earth

From the beginning of 2013, I became, more aware, of a group of these beings, through dreams, channellings and automatic writings. These high energy, loving beings name thenselves in our language, The Sethra, a hydro-plasmic race from another reality, a higher dimension.

These light beings, the Sethra are both spiritually and highly technically developed. They are responsible for the birth of MX2 energy and whatever springs forth from this development, from here on out for human kind. ( Tarranaath) Because of this MX2 energy, human kind can connect into higher resonance which can purify them and lead them into a higher consciousness of an “unconditional loving”level beyond this reality we call Earth.

This new path grew into what is now known as MX2-technologies and bringing forth the product line of MX2-technologies.

This all starting in February 2014 where special geometric knowledge has been received to build this system to train the products. This system received the name MX2 Heliotalic Light Generator and activates the kundalini energy like no other product or system can. By using this special Heliotalic Light Generator we can train various products to permanently emit the MX2 energy field in this new era on earth. For a more detailed explanation click on the explanation MX2 Energy. This of course did not just happen overnight. It was a development of over 20 years of spiritual research and healing in fields like shamanism, geometry and the many different energetic tools and methods around at the time.

From 1993 onwards many big changes have happened such as the awakening of the senses also known as clair sentience and the awakening of deeper layers of awareness. All these changes and developments accumulated into the final and new product called MX2 Technologies. MX2 is something completely new and not comparable with other technologies and has by far the highest vibration (otherwise known as bovis values) and unsurpassed speed in awakening and developing the kundalini than any other product of even method around.

This is all made possible because of the MX2 Heliotalic Light Generator. All products trained on this device are natural crystals exhibiting a perfect flower of life geometric structure just like the Heliotalic Light Generator itself. This way the full potential of the MX2 energy is available for use in healing and awakening.

Sethra Beings