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These new and powerful yet heartfelt energies called the MX2 were channeled from the higher realms and given to Circle of Rotations in February 2014.

It is of great pleasure to inform that Circle of Rotations is now ready to deliver the different MX2 natural crystal product line in the form of: Double point quartz crystal pendants, double point amethyst & blue and red Goldstone pendants. also large single and double point crystals system we called MX2-Keylontic Light, and a great new complete system with Natural crystal quartz and tourmaline/Garnet, Citrien, Shungite, Bluegoldstone and Fluorite spheres, we like to call the MX2-Heliotalic Generator.

All these products are trained for about 2/3 days and permanently energized in the MX2-Trainer that has undergone many processes and is linked to many different geometries, including extra dimensional geometries, energy lines, energy fields, you name it as to make it possible for the MX2 products to infinitely provide the MX2 energies stored within them.


The main vocal point of the MX2 is the powerful kundalini that when exposed to the MX2 energies will not only ignite the kundalini but also develop it at an incredible fast pace and not only create a flow upwards which is the normal case with an awakened kundalini but also create a flow downwards, giving you the divine energies as well and grounding and cooling the whole process at the same time.

This way the kundalini can naturally develop without the problems often associated with an awakened kundalini. Also the speed that it takes to fully open the kundalini from it’s dormant state will be increased a 100 fold compared to the traditional methods around.

This means that you will experience leaps in spiritual evolution in a very short time span that would normally take you a lifetime if not longer if you were lucky enough to have the kundalini awaken in the first place.

On a deeper level the MX2-energy will show you that all that you have been searching for is not to be found outside nor inside but is actually the Self and once this is really understood you are finally home. This cannot be understood intellectually, it can only be lived as absolute freedom.

Circle of Rotations introduces the MX2 crystal energetic mineral (Semi-precious stones) product line.

The MX2 product line exists out of 6 main products being MX2-double point pendants and the MX2-Trance pendants in the form of natural rockquartz crystals and natural amethyst crystals, Lapis Lazuli, Citrien and Blue and Redgoldstone. Large spheres in Quartz crystal, Amethist, Citrien, Fluorite, Apatite, Auralite 23, Shungite, Bluegoldstone and Tourmaline/Garnet spheres, large single or double (Power)point crystals and (MX2 Keylontic Light template) a complete system we like to call the MX2 Heliotalic Light Generator.

All these crystals have undergone a deep and strong process of training in the MX2 trainer to make it possible for them to eternally radiate these energies. These powerful yet heartfelt energies of the MX2 can now be experienced in the MX2-Heliotalic Generator. The new MX2 generator is specifically developed for therapists and is available in 4 models.

However natural RockQuartz and it’s ramifications such as Amethyst, Citrine and Fluorite and Shungite are the best ( including the Blue/Red Goldstone ) for the MX2 energies as other materials will not reach the full potential that the MX2 has to deliver, yet will still surpass all other products of a similar nature.