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Every human being is equipped with an incredibly strong power source in a dormant state that when fully awakened has the power and capability to restore full health in the human body, clear mental garbage and make huge steps in the spiritual evolution. This power source is the source of all religions and the power of all the spiritual masters from the far east.

This power source is called kundalini or Tummo and for long this source was only available for those living in the far east who were in contact with a spiritual master who could initiate a student into the full awakening of the kundalini.

However this is not a prerequisite anymore and to fully awaken the kundalini is easier then ever before.

In this age where everything seems to go faster and faster with new inventions around the corner every day the spiritual world was not asleep either. With years of research and precursors such as Tachyon, BioGenesis and Dominus Cervix, reiki tummo this spiritual research has accumulated into a technology we like to call MX2 technologies that surpasses every and all frequency and energy based systems to date and has the ability to release stress from all levels in a human system and at the same time opening up the kundalini completely from top to toe and making the heart flower and radiate at the same time.

It is like you have your own personal spiritual master from the far east with you, guiding you on every step all the way, with the MX2 natural quartz products. These MX2 quartz products are permanently programmed tools to be able to do this that will help you leap into the next levels of spiritual awareness if you are active in meditation, tantra or other kundalini techniques or not.

And do not be mistaken, these crystals are not just inanimate objects that can do stuff temporarily but are actual living beings inside the crystal keeping the crystal alive and making it possible to have them permanently radiate all the energy out of it.

It is also the only product to date that can not only open up the kundalini from bottom up but also creates a flow down from the top using the same channel making the divine energies also available and grounding this throughout the body back into the ground. This way there are no problems often encountered with the awakening of the kundalini and the process will go natural and easy.

In other words it is now possible with the use of a living MX2 quartz crystal to open up the heart from the source by releasing all the stresses and pains contained within until the point where the heart can take over everything, that includes who you think you are. Also the mind will undergo many changes and here again all the stresses are pulled out and are released in the form of heat and light with the use of the kundalini until the point where the mind becomes calm and silent. These 2 combined create a blissful state that will grow over time until it seems to merge everything inside and all becomes one.

For those who know the power of the kundalini and have played with it a little via tantra or kundalini yoga know that it is like firework and you have to watch out. As mentions earlier the MX2 will avoid these problems and create a safe passage with the help of the divine energy flowing down and cooling the body in the process. However it is still possible to experience some of the inconveniencies of the awakening process such as headaches in the beginning followed by neck pains and shoulder pains and even sometimes back pains and pressure spots in the body. These are sometimes needed to build the passageway for the kundalini to flow through. These will all go away as part of the process. Less common but never the less possible are mental and emotional stresses that are released from the mind and heart but not fully burned by the kundalini yet and here again as it is part of the process will go away by itself over time. Electric shocks and a sensation of heat and cold waves inside and around the body are also common experiences when the awakening process has started.


We are happy to say that in these times of stress, time pressure, money pressure, family pressure you name it, nature has found a way to balance it again with the invention called the MX2 technologies. We hope we can bring back the peace and calm in humanity and let everybody grow beyond their wildest dreams, see the pendants category in our shop.

  • MX2 crystals will open up the heart totally and silence the mind in the process;
  • MX2 crystals will open up the heart totally and silence the mind in the process;
  • MX-2 crystals will dissolve stress from all levels and improve health;
  • MX-2 crystals will bring you into a state of bliss with the use of a fully awakened kundalini.