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Explanation MX2 Powerpoints

How it works
The MX2 powerpoints are similar to the MX2 pendants in that they create a powerful Kundalini flow from the base up and also from the crown down making it possible for the heart to open and flower. Because of the size, it is much more powerful then a pendant with another benefit being that it can activate the whole lightbody by just holding it in your hands or placing it on the body.

MX2 The MX2 powerpoints can be used for aura/ chakra healing and cleansing as it works similar to a laser and can cut and dissolve stuck energy patterns. It also boosts the Kundalini when held in the hands or put vertical on the body such as the spine. It is a great tool for healing and lightwork.

Powerpoints exist in 2 varieties, natural quartz and amethyst. On special request citrine powerpoints are possible as well. All the natural crystals from Circle of Rotations have received a thorough process of training in the special MX2 Heliotalic Light Generator as to make it possible for the MX2 energy to permanently radiate from the crystals and will never need a recharge or reboost. The MX2 powerpoints reach about 2 meters in width and more than 8 meters through the vertical axis.

The following sizes are available*:

  • small: 3 cm x 23 cm;
  • medium: 4/5 cm x 22 cm;
  • large: 4/6 x 24 cm.

*Other sizes are possible on request. As all crystals are natural, each is unique and no crystal is exactly the same as another.

Treatment methods
Powerpoints are best utilized by aiming the point to a specific part in the body that needs attention, such as a blockage in energy, pain or even a bruise. Rotate the crystal clockwise and counterclockwise and make a vortex movement to pull out the energy that is stuck. In case you are able to intuitively feel the stuck energies in a person or yourself, by just moving the point over it you will be able to feel and guide the crystal such that the blockage will dissolve or remove itself. Another great utilization of a powerpoint is to put in on top of the crown chakra (not touching the head but just above it) and rotate it in a vortex pattern slowly outwards. This will clear lifters (entities/ stuck energies) throughout the whole body.

For who
Powerpoints are not only for therapists but can also be used individually and there is no program or certification needed to start using them. Even young children and women who are pregnant have found great help and relief using this tool. Note: Do not heat the crystal such as running hot water over it to clean it as this might fracture the crystal structure. It will not loose the MX2 energy but might break the whole crystal. Also as this is a heavy crystal, be careful using it as to not drop the point on a body or ground.

More info or orders
For more info on the MX2 energy visit this page.

Want to try out a product? This is possible, just contact the main office in Budel-Schoot and ask for instructions. It is also possible to visit us and experience the MX2 first hand at one of the main exhibitions in Europe. Actual prices and availabilities please go to our webshop.