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The Sethra

We are who we are, the Sethra, working in a collective consciousness field from outside the matrix – artificially created field of consciousness, in which humanity lives on earth

We work together with the following varieties that are benevolent towards humanity and its problems.

  1. The Señara – the felines;
  2. The Saffirans – the lion species;
  3. The Uhm Bra Ha – similar to your indians breeds;
  4. The Sirian man – similar to man;
  5. The Alhelians – similar to man (kind of Buddha);
  6. De Arcturians – beings like man beings.

And many other varieties that are still unknown.

We – the Sethra – are like humans, but our bodies are of pure light, transparent, so that you can see through us when you are present in our field.

Our consciousness is beyond human reason because we are a unity with all of us, but also individuals. We are beyond the duality as you experience in your life on earth.

From our originality we have connected ourselves with the power in the cosmos to be able to continue to connect with everything that is and will always remain. Humanity will grow to us – in consciousness – by absorbing the essence of the MX energies.

As a result, man will eventually be able to activate himself on a higher plane, to re-connect himself, as it were, with what they really are: a great cosmic being.

Activate MX energies and reactivate the energy of the Heart of man, so you can connect with us. Not only with us, but with all extraterrestrial races and peoples working with MX energies.

This creates the possibility to heal everything on your world.

Not we are the healers, but you yourself. Each of you that is activated or reactivated with the MX energies, gets the possibility to increase itself in resonance.

The deeper the activation may and may continue, the sooner the self-healing occurs. This time is different for every person, because that depends on various causes and / or circumstances in which you are wrong. We want to mention two:

The first cause may be that you have a lot of blockages to clean up, these can deliberately and / or unconsciously slow down your own activation.
Actually, an activation is not really stopped when you are of good will to give yourself your spiritual growth, but the energy needs time to make its way through the blockages. You are the one who experiences time.

The second cause can be the body itself. The human body can be damaged by life itself, by a serious illness or physical disability, whether or not from birth.

As a result, the Kundalini energy can not flow immediately and it has to find its way. Ultimately, with both causes, the Kundalini energy flows through the whole body as well as through the emotional and mental body, whereby the real essence gets more grip on the life of the day and the ego is less prominent and automatically extinguishes.

As that happens, you get more and more contact with us, consider that as an invitation to us, to able to guide you more. We as a group of benevolent aliens can do more when it comes from you, we are not the saviors, you do that yourself by activating the power within yourself.

SETHRA Light beings

Ask the Sethra:Where do you come from?

You cannot just find the Sethra civilization. We have a connection with the system of Andromeda, there is a stargate that connects you to another Universe in which the Sethraian Star system is located with our central big sun. This other universe is part of a huge cluster of universes, including the universe that you live in. We do not give names like you give to planets, stars and other space objects. We connect through what you call sound. This sound, like ourselves, falls outside the spectrum of what is visible and / or audible for you, even for your so-called third eye. In time that is to come, the MX energies will broaden and widen your sensitivity because the energy will increase. This suddenly creates the ability to see and hear oudside the spectrum. Through the energy of the heart it is already possible to receive projections from us of who we are.

I” Sothro