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Cleaning the house/company energetically in collaboration with the Sethra’s

House or company energetically purge with MX2 energy!

More and more people become more aware and sensitive to what is happening energetically in their home or office, but also what is changing around them. This can be both positive and negative.

Small children are also very energetically sensitive and experience a lot of nuisance from negative radiation (geopathic loads) & energies / entities.

It often happens that a house or company is charged with geopatic taxes. Geopathic load is a collective name for: earth jets, water veins, earth fault lines, and electrosmog. Geopatic radiation can consist of radiation from subterranean water veins, radiation from geological fault lines, radioactive radiation, geomagnetic radiation in de form of network ( for example Hartmann-Currylines ) These are one of the largest loads on our body and our living and working environment.

In addition to negative radiation, many negative emotions and negative thoughts remain in their energy, so there are a lot of unrest and emotion in their system such as jealousy, sadness, anger, fear of people around you, in the office, or just at the shop.

These energies / identities / entities / tend to make these feelings personal, in other words you get a feeling of sadness but do not realize that it is not yours.

During the energetic cleaning Mike Pietersen uses different techniques, among other things because of his own high resonance field which has been greatly increased by the Sethra’s in the last 5 months of 2017, Mike Pietersen is able to neutralize all negative radiation. By placing / activating light formations and Light gates and the use of special mantras, all geopathic radiation is definitively neutralized, also stuck emotions and energies / identities/entities are removed. To keep the whole thing in the light, Mike puts one energized MX2-Rock Crystal or Bluegoldstone or Shungite Sphere, so that a very powerful light energy remains. ( see explanation MX2-Energy )

The energetic cleaning of houses by means of MX2 Technology does not only apply to the rooms, but also to all residents ( both humans and animals ). This way, not only identities / entities are removed, but also all negative energies that are stuck in the walls and the ground of the house or on the workfloor are solved.

An entity ( who has not lived as a human being ) or an identity ( who has lived on earth as a human being ) is a person who has died but who has remained energetically on earth. Often the identity still has a connection with the place or person and / or a message for the residents. It is necessary to solve this so that the identity can go to the light.

Because of the extremely high love vibration (Bovis units) of MX2 products, such as placing MX2-crystal sphere’s or Bluegoldstone sphere’s, even the heaviest geopathic radiations & identities / entities can be neutralized / removed. The MX2 field will constantly increase and harmonize the resonance both by placing light formations and light gates and one of the MX2 products (sphere’s) in the room or on the floor.

Door de extreem hoge liefdestrilling (Bovis-eenheden) van MX2 producten, zoals het plaatsen van één MX2-Bergkristallen Sphere (Bol) of in sommige situaties een MX2-Shungite of Blue-Goldstone Sphere kunnen zelfs de zwaarste geopatische stralingen & identiteiten/entiteiten geneutraliseerd/ verwijderd worden. Zowel door het plaatsen van lichtformaties en lichtpoorten en één van de MX2-producten (Sphere) in de ruimte of op de vloer te plaatsen zal het MX2-veld de resonantie constant verhogen en harmoniseren.

he MX2-crystal products always remains in effect, they never become empty and you never have to clean them.

  • Recognition of negative energies.
  • Children sometimes dare not sleep in the dark, are anxious, tired,…
  • Wake up around the same hour.
  • Feel draft or cold in certain places.
  • Last hebben van gespannenheid, vermoeidheid
  • Suffering from tension, fatique.
  • Difficult to sleep, have nightmares,…
  • Becoming sad, anxious or emotional without reason.
  • Certain places in the house that do not feel comfortable.
  • Unconsciously feel your presence, but you cannot place it.
  • Do not find peace in your home, feel tense.
  • Fears, depression,…
  • Negative feelings emerge uncontrollably.
  • Relationship problems (a lot of quarrel).
  • Negative thoughts.
  • Feeling that people are blocked.
  • Physical / physical complaints that cannot be traced back.

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