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Explanation MX2 Spheres

How it works
MX2 natural crystal spheres are not ordinary quartz spheres but are spheres that have been made alive in a process we like to call training on a special MX2 Heliotalic Light Generator to emit the MX2 energy field permanently.

As opposed to pendants or powerpoints, the sphere emits the MX2 field equally in all directions and therefore ideal for places it in a room for healing, resting and even the workspace for de-stressing.

The MX2 sphere creates a stress free environment ideal for energy work and resting/ relaxing. It is the ideal tool for Feng Shui as it will balance and harmonize the environment without the need of redecorating or rebuilding the whole place. It also activates the Kundalini, neutralizes the radiation effects on a body and help the immune system in general, removes entities and other heavy stuck energies in an environment. As it is a powerful tool with an incredible high bovis count (frequency), do not underestimate the spheres ability to jump-start the kundalini process with all it’s peculiarities. If you are interested in a large sphere for it’s power please also look at the Keylontic Light as this system will do even more than a single large sphere can do on its own.

The choice of using natural quartz was not an easy one. We have researched pretty much all materials on the market such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, carbon, ceramic materials etc. and all were not able to carry the whole MX2 energy and make the object alive to its full potential. So the choice was made easy to go for the natural quarts (such as amethyst, citrine (which is basically heated amethyst or heated smoky quartz), and clear quartz) We use Black tourmaline/Garnet and special mineral called Shungite ( out of Russia ) for its great grounding qualities) Futher we use other minerals spheres like blue-green-Fluorite, Yellow Jade, Lapis Lazuli, and they 2 special minerals, Blue Apatite and Auralite 23 spheres. Note: Blue Apatite and Auralite-23 spheres are difficult to get and also the most expensive. For a special reason we also use man-made mineraal Bluegoldstone sphere’s.

The MX2 field reach:

  • 10cm sphere approx. 4 meter;
  • 12cm sphere approx. 7 meter;
  • 15cm sphere approx. 10 meter;
  • 17cm sphere approx. 20 meter;
  • 18 – 20cm sphere approx. 25 a 30 meter.

For a small living room, workplace or bedroom a 10 – 13cm will suffice however for a large living room or practice a 17cm sphere is suggested. If the geopathic imbalance, radiation and/ or stuck energies (feeling of heaviness in an environment) is of such a degree that normal living becomes burdened an even larger sphere or a Keylontic Light is suggested. All the MX2 crystal spheres remain in their power and never need recharging, reprogramming or rebooting/ cleansing.

More info or orders
For more info on the MX2 energy visit this page.

Want to try out a product? This is possible, just contact the main office in Budel-Schoot and ask for instructions. It is also possible to visit us and experience the MX2 first hand at one of the main exhibitions in Europe. Actual prices and availabilities please go to our webshop.