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MX2 Product charging

How to energize your own product with the MX2 energy
Circle of Rotations makes it possible for the first time in the world to train your own crystals/ products in the special Heliotalic Light Generator located in Budel-Schoot, the Netherlands. Even if it is glass or metal or wood, the MX2 energies will permanently stay inside the material, however as previously mentioned on other pages, the best material are minerals like quartz (including amethyst and citrine), beryl (including aquamarine, tourmaline) and apatite.

Another amazing possibility is to energize a painting in the MX2 field. It completely changes the experience of the painting when looking at it. Al kinds of products can all be upgraded to the MX2 level as if you have a new product.

For more info or possibilities for training your own products go to our contact page.

For more info about the MX2 in general go to our MX2 explanation page.

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